The Last King of Rodeousvale: Chapter 1 – 4

WARNING: this is a story written by my 11 year old self. Please do not criticize the illogical events and the horrible grammar. I know she tried her best – sincerely, 4 years later.

WARNING: DO NOT read this if you have an interest in reading my Key and Kris fanfiction “Bloodline.” You might be spoiled even though Bloodline was slightly altered.

Chapter 1: The First strike

     There was big city called Rodeousvale. You may best been into wondering if Rodeousvale ever existed, well it did…fifty years ago. Rodeousvale was a very powerful city. It was a small town when it started. When it was just a small town, all of the people were nice to each other; everything then was like a garden filled with humming birds sitting on top of a tree. But now, the powerful city, England, had made very strict rules to the small and peaceful town. The people then began to protest and lost their nice attitude. It was a very big and powerful city that many people in that place even want it to be a country and be separated from England. The people in England hated Rodeousvale for a very long time. Rodeousvale have some buildings that have the same building over and over.

     Let me tell you something about me. My name is Matheous H. Dawson. I am one of the princes of Rodeousvale, sixth child in my family. Let me tell you a story that happened to me when my name was still Mathew Dawson H. Royalletous and why it was changed – when I was only twenty four years old. I can still remember all of the conversations and everything that happened. Although I don’t really remember what month it started.

     I was in my room. It started when I was twenty- six years of age. The storm was pouring down strong winds and raindrops. I was lying on my royal bed thinking of many wild things, and then the article flew in to my window. I opened it and looked at it. It says,

“Jackenrous Royalletous, the king’s first born, was found in a dark path, lying down dead. We figured out that he has been killed yesterday by an unknown killer. We are to investigate with all our might. Mr. Riddstern, the head of the police station, sent out all our best investigators and police officers to solve this shocking crime. This article is to be sent out to every house in England. – Tolenstine D. Jigstourne”

     My father was sad and angry when he found out that his first ever son has been killed. He was so angry and was so sad that he took off his royal robe and threw it on the ground. He even almost broke his precious crown.

     My friend arrived at my room. He was named Colt. His hair was quite a little curly which is long, a blonde brown hair, not very long. He said to me with a very quick accent that I can’t properly understand what he was saying.

     “Mathew my friend, have you heard that your brother Jackenrous has been killed yesterday night?”

     “Indeed, I am his brother.”

     “Your brother was a great man. Surely if he was king, he’d be ending the war between England and Rodeousvale!”

     I kept quiet as he talked about how great my brother was. Even if I had to say anything about my brother Jackenrous, I would say that he was a selfish towards his brothers and sisters, he doesn’t even care if one of his servants was serving him to death. All he cared about was to show great kindness to people to please his father that is king and queen.

     The next month, Colt’s father, Mr. Riddstern, and a guy with a grey old shirt shirt, arrived at the palace. I overheard Mr. Riddstern said to my father that a guy named Dickenstan who was a murderer those days, might have been the one who killed my brother. They found out that the murderer’s special bullet was inside Jack’s body. Although the killer said that he only kills the ones who took advantage of him-he says he’s innocent. My father shouted ‘GET OUT!’He has been so angry that he had enough of this. So he declared Dickenstan to be hung eight feet high above the ground by sunset. Dickenstan begged for mercy a million times before susnset. I wanted to speak that time but I just think that my father would be angry with me.

     I watched as the sun set. Outside was Dickenstan. He was about to be hung on the eight foot pole. As they were about to let him go off the ladder, Dickenstan said, “Whoever dragged me into this mess, my curse shall be passed to him!” Many people got even angrier at him when they heard his last speech. They pushed him off the ladder and then he moved rapidly until he stopped and died. Then he was thrown out to the most unpleasant dumpster as a sign that they hate him. The next day, families of the ones who were killed by Dickenstan, went to their graves and places daisies on their beloved relative. Then many of them started calling Dickenstan’s last words ‘Dickenstan’s curse for last vengeance.’ Jeckenrous was later buried on Kaseeba’s Cemetery where Kaseeba, the first leader or Queen in Rodeousvale, was burried.

     Colt arrived at my room, as usual. He gave me a knife with a snake sealed on it. He found it somewhere lying on the road. I just ignored it and threw it somewhere outside the window.

     Later at dinner, Colt came in with his kid, Volt. The little guy hugged his grandfather and kissed him on the cheek. Then Colt came in with another child. She was very little. Colt said that he was just a month old. For a month, my mother and father had stress because of their first born being dead. But now they were filled with joy as now they had a new grandchild. I too was happy to see that I had a new niece. The little girl was called Colly which was from the name Colt and Tanny. My brothers and sister was happy to see the little girl. They were even talking to Volt about his new little sister. Now everything was going fine. Mr. Riddstern went to the palace and found out that he had a new grandchild. He was angry of Colt not telling him. My father silenced him and said “Be nice to your son, surely my son-in-law can’t tell you because you’re very busy on the things I make you to do. I know your wife knows it and has told you this. You maybe don’t remember.” Mr. Riddstern apologized to my father and to Colt. My father sent his servants to make the best dinner and went to celebrate them. Mr. and Mrs. Riddstern happily congratulate their son and their daughter-in-law of having a new child.

Chapter 2: Mystery at the Palace

     For now, everything was going smoothly. Then, at the dinner table, Colt talked to Matterson about him being the next king. Matt’s eyes crinkled and whipped his mouth. Matterson is the second child in the family. He was the greatest swordsman in Rodeousvale. My father silenced him and was angry of reminding him about losing his first son whom he wanted to be the next king.

     Meanwhile, Matterson stood up and walked away from the table whispering. As they all chat about many things ahead. I felt something was not right with him. So I too, stood up the table. I followed him as he silently walked through the hall, the hall with many lights and columns all around. He went to the yard laughing like an evil person. Annoyingly he laughed, “Why yes, me king, it’s possible! Yes! People will bow down to me! Never again will I train silly people to use the sword! After all this years, I’ve served my brother Jack to please my parents, but now it has come! It’s time for me to act and make my brothers and sisters bow down to my greatness!” My eyes grew big and were full of surprise. I quickly stepped out and showed myself like I heard nothing. He smiled at me, tucked on his suit and walked away.

     I went back inside the hall and my father asked me where Matt was, I answered, “Matt? I just saw him went to the yard.” My father nodded and walked away.

The next morning, the article arrived. As the article came in to my window, I quickly opened it and read it.

“Yesterday night, at Matterson Royalletous room, the king’s second child, we found a trailing of blood on his window. We found his body on a garbage trash near the palace. We hope to find this shocking case and send this to houses of England. Thus we have sent our best investigators to help figure this puzzle. I sure hope if we don’t figure this out the easy way, we could ask help for the greatest mystery solvers in America, Mr. Terry Solvright. – Tolenstine D. Jigstourne”

     I looked at it for a second and seemed like it was nothing. Then Colt again, bursts into my room and quickly kicked the wall by frustration. His anger and sadness mixed up together. I watched him and stared at him while he talks to himself somehow. He said to me,

     “How can this be? Is it that all murderers came at one place and planned to kill my best friend and my wife’s family? Why would someone kill my father-in-law’s second son? Your brother was a brave man! He was a swordsman’s trainer! Did you read the news?”

     “Yes Colt, I have seen the article. It was horrifying news I guess.”

Colt understood me and sat down on my bed. He looked at the letter for one second and said goodbye for he was confused.

I went to my father’s front door and opened it. My father looked at me and asked,

     “Yes my son? What is it?”

     “My father, this is hard to say but…”

     “Yes? What is it? Is there something that you want?”

     “No father, I do not want anything right now. I was just going to say that, your son, Matt-”

     “What is it? Did you have another fight with him? You know you’re too old for that!”

     “Father! If you just let me finish my sentence! Your second son Matterson Elanetrous H. Royalletous died and will not able to wear the name king!”

     He was surprised to hear me say it. He taught it was a lie. He sent me away angrily. But when I was about to leave, a messenger went to my father’s room and bowed down to my father’s feet. The messenger reached out his hand with today’s article on it. My father picked up the article and sent the messenger away. My father read the mail and as soon as he did, he called ma back.

     He sent me to Colt’s father, Mr. Riddstern to tell him to figure it out for just about two months and torture the man who has killed Matterson. He even sent me to London to have a vacation for one month because of telling him the truth and to let me get out of the city and not be killed. So I went to my room and got packed. I told Mr. Riddstern the message and he gave me his best horse for me to borrow for my trip to London. I went to say goodbye to my family and to Colt’s family. I and Peter, Mr. Riddstern’s horse, traveled through many places in one day.

     That night, we were tired. I saw a cabin. It was in the middle of nowhere. We went inside the gate of the fence and knocked on the door. I looked around and saw different kinds of flowers. It was quite a pleasant place. An old man slowly opened the door and pointed a shot gun at my face. A beautiful woman lowered the old man’s gun and said, “My father, don’t just go pointing guns at someone. Look, the man is a guard; he’s maybe here to protect us.” I looked at her and smiled. “I’m sorry, I am no guard. I am just a traveler. I am looking for a place to stay for tonight and I happened to pass by this lovely cabin. My Horse needs rest and can’t keep going for now. Please make me stay.” “Fine, as long as you stay in peace with us. If you treat us like dying servants, you shall be put to death!” The old man commanded. So I went inside and the beautiful lady welcomed me to their minute home. He showed me my room and served me dinner. At night, she went to my room and said,

     “My name is Lily, Lily Rose Denvers. What’s yours?”

     “Mine? My name is Mathew.”

     “Do you have a last name?” I didn’t want to say my name that time. I was afraid that they’d let me leave. So I remained silence for a second. “I’ll tell you tomorrow morning.” Then I slept.

     I woke up and saw the flowers on their garden from the window. It was a good day. I went to the dining table and ate breakfast. I got Peter ready and Lily gave me food and water for my adventure. Lily looked at me and asked me who I was. “My name is Matheous Dawson H. Royalletous.” As soon as Mr. Denvers heard who I was, He was jupped and went back to the cabin. Mr. Denvers let Lily went off with me. He knew I had so much money on me and he knew I’d protect her daughter.

     There we are, arrived at the great city of London. There were cars everywhere. There were so many people that no one even recognized me. We saw men in their great suits and their suitcases for their work. Everybody there looked like they were all rich in some way.

     We checked in for a room with two separate beds in an inn called Londales in for one month. When we were about to sleep, Lily said to me,

     “You know, my mother died. He was killed be a person named Dennero who stayed at our house.”

I understood her pain as she talked about her mother’s death. We slept there in the inn every night.

     We spent our whole one month in Londales’s inn. I had a great time in London, but I don’t know what Lily felt in our trip. I’ve been to London before, but that one month in London with Lily made me forget about my brother’s death. I loved Lily for who she was, she was nice and quite silent at some times.

     And the time passed, it was time for me to leave London. As we were about to leave London, I received a mail from the queen. It says that she knew I was in London and wanted to see me at her palace. So I left Lily in the inn and went to the queen’s palace. She welcomed me and gave me a horse, and five thousand cash for my journey. She was so kind to me like no other Roudeousvaler.

Chapter 3: Dennero

     So I and Lily went back. I dropped off Lily with the horse the queen gave me and then gave her the five thousand. I went back to Rodeousvale and my family welcomed me back.

     Mr. Riddstern went inside the palace to check out my Brother Matt’s room. Still the crime was not yet solved, nor did they have a suspect. He saw trailing of blood on the wall next to the window. One of the crime solvers explained that Matt was punched on the cheek, blood came out of his mouth then he was thrown of the window. Mr. Riddstern told my father that there was this knife that had a seal of a serpent on it. “Oi!” shouted Colt. “That knife you were talking about, was that, was that the knife I gave to Mathew which he ignored a month ago?” I nodded at Mr. Riddstern. They sent out an article to everyone again saying that ‘whoever knows a man that owns a knife with a seal of a serpent shall report to the police department right away.’ Mr. Riddstern though, made me a suspect because of owning the knife. My father trusted Mr. Riddstern so he made me go to the court.

     After the articles were sent out, an old widow who I happen to see often at Rodeousvale gate went to the police station and explained to Mr. Riddstern that his husband was killed long ago by a man named Dennero Hilennoures. She said that the guy had a knife that looks like it. At first I just ignored it but later on, I remembered that Lily’s mother was killed by Dennero. I went to my father and told him about my trip. He still didn’t want to trust me because I had that knife.

     So there we are at the court. My lawyer was my youngest brother, Ben. I saw Dennero and said to the judge, “I am not doing this! Why would I kill the king’s son? I am not that stupid!” Later on, my brother called Dennero to the stand.

     “Dennero, Isn’t it true that your knife was in my brother’s chest?”

     “Yes, but I am telling you the truth! It was not me!”

Then after that, I was called to the stand by Dennero’s Lawyer.

     “Now Mathew, your friend Colt said that he found that knife and gave it to you right?” he said with quite a clear American accent. “But you ignored it and threw it outside the window right? And is it true that you were the only one outside with your brother Matt while he was talking to himself?”

     “Yes So?” I answered.

     “You were maybe angry of what he was talking about which was only for HIM and not for you, thus, you went further outside and found that knife, got inside your brother’s room and stabbed him with the knife!” I looked down angry to Dennero’s lawyer and whispered ‘impossible!’.

     “I object your honor! My brother Matt has done so much for us! My brother Mathew must be stupid enough to kill his brother that has done so much kindness!” My lawyer or brother, Ben shouted.

     “Mr. Ben Royalletous! We’re sure your brother Matterson had done so much for you two; he is your older brother! That doesn’t mean that he can’t change his mind!”

     “I’m sorry sir.” Ben replied.

     Many agreed to what the judge had to say. My lawyer or brother Ben then called Dennero to the stand. “So, Dennero, one of the highest trained men in Mr. Riddstern’s station, are you the one who killed Mr. Matterson?”


     A man then stood up and shouted “Rubbish talk!”

     The judge then, said, ‘‘Silence!’

     “I told you! I am not guilty, and if I am, I would be hiding somewhere that I am not to be seen. I mean, come on! I lost my knife, until I am in my house when the article arrived that said that Colt guy had it! You blasted police officers caught me for nothing! It’s not like, I would just go to the palace, look for the knife, hide on some place, and kill the next king! I have a brain you know!”

     The judge was surprised! The judge asked the jury. The jury then called Dennero guilty. The king stood up and went up to the judge’s table. He whispered on the judge ear for a second and went to his seat. The judge then said that Dennero’s punishment would be one day of torture and his head be cut off. Dennero started shaking. He screamed and went wild when the police officers dragged him out of the court; he even tried to break free! When I was about to leave, my father hugged me because he was afraid to lose another son.

     I went back to the palace and went to my room. I sat down my bed and remembered Lily. I loved her very much. She was so beautiful, she was the only girl I met and spent time with who was not from my family. I never said her to anyone because they would be thinking that I was making up another woman.

     There it was, Dennero being tortured. He struggles trying to open the chain that was tied on him. The torturers punched him one by one. They threw rocks on him. Daylight passed by and is now dark. As the torturers got ready to leave, Dennero started screaming and begged to the king. My father then called the officers to drag him on to where he would be put to death. Dennero started crying as they dragged him. When his head was about to be sliced, he screamed, ‘Include me will you! You shall be destroyed too!’ then his head was sliced and was eaten be bears on the woods.

     Colt then said to me “if he says that he was not the one who killed your brother-no that’s impossible.” I then replied, “Colt, my friend, forget about all of this and have a wonderful time.”


Chapter 4: The liar

     Now, my father has assigned strong men to protect my third brother Gibb. I look in his room and saw Janiel with him. They were fighting again as usual. I said to myself, ‘how childish can they get fighting over a small thing!’ I went to see Colt and his family for awhile. But before I got out the palace, our messenger said that I am to call Colt to the palace right away. So I went off. When he saw me outside, he said to me, “What makes you come here to our house?” “I am to bring you to the palace Colt.” “You could wait for me to bust into your room you know.” “My father wants to see you.” “What for?” “I don’t know. A messenger just said it. Oh and bring Tanny with you” So the two of them got ready and went with me to the palace. We saw my father waiting for us on the front door. He said to Colt, “Ah, I see that you live in a small place eh? What do you say I give you a bigger and better one?” Tanny smiled to Colt and replied to her father, “Oh what a surprise father! But what makes you give us a new house in the palace?”

     “Well, a messenger of mine said that your Brother Jack’s bedroom has the size of a simple house. It has two bedrooms, one living room, one bathroom and one-”

     “Father, that’s not right! Do you think I would live in my brother’s room just because he passed away a few months ago? Don’t you even care about preserving his room?”

     My sister was right. My father had forgotten that he loved Jack than all of us. He is so scared that he wants to protect every one of us. But for now, he loves me like he loves Jack for he doesn’t really love Gibb or the twins. And then

     Gibb came out of nowhere and called me. He wanted to talk to me in my room I was surprised that he wanted to talk. So I walked away from the front of the palace. He said in a low voice, “Hey, I know you’re up to something, something big, and I want to know it. I saw you in the court last week and I knew there was something up with you.” I stared at him for a second and answered, “What? Why would I plan on something big? The only thing I plan on something big is visiting the girl I met on my travel.”

     “Oh yeah, what is it to you? I saw you in my window picking up some knife like the ones from that Dennero guy.” I was angry at him and I answered, “I saw that knife lying around and ignored it on the grass!” “No, that’s totally different from what I’ve seen. You just wait, after I become king, you’ll surely be in jail.” “I don’t know what you are talking about Gibb! I never did anything to my brother! You are a liar!”

     He stood up and walked away with a suspicious look. I tried to keep my cool down for awhile. Colt then walks into my room and saw Gibb pass by. He asked in a low voice, “Oi, Why did he come to your room? Was it another one of his rebellious ways?” I answered, “Yes, he talked to me about myself being guilty by killing my own brother.” “Rubbish talk!” he replied. “Don’t ever trusts to what he might say my friend, he is making another mistake!” “Anyway, what about the house my father offered you?” “Well, Tanny didn’t want it.”

     After Colt walked away, I got up and went to Gibb’s room. He was angry to me but he let me in his room. “When are going to say this to our father?” “Why should I tell you?” he replied in a quick one “After I kill father I will take his throne once and for all and kill you as well…Oh! Why am I so bad at keeping secrets?!”I quickly got out his room and ran to the police station. He chased me but I outran him. I reported Gibb in the police stationas quickly as posible. Mr. Riddstern called his crew and surrounds the palace. Loud noises surrounded the palace. My father went out the palace and asked, “What is this? What are you doing?”

     “We’re here for the arrest of the next king Mr. Gibbenrous Rebleyat Royalletous your majesty.” The officer replied.

     “What? What has he done wrong this time?”

     “Father, Your son Gibb has accidentally confessed to me about killing you and me.” I replied. Gibb went out and was surprised that he saw a lot of police officers. He asked Gibb, “What! Is this true son? That you are to kill me and my 5th son?”

     “Yes-I mean no father! Oh why did I have to say that?! Fine! Do whatever you want with me! Kill me if you want! I don’t care!” He answered in a mysterious way.

     “Are you then the one who killed two of my first sons just for you to be king?”

     “Huh? Why would I kill my best brothers?! You’re wrong father!”

     “You’re lying! Cut of his head! I don’t ever want to him again!”

     As they were about to bring Gibb to the place where he would die, Gibb passed by me and said, “This will happen to you someday. I’m sure of it.” My father heard it and was angrier at Gibb. Then his head was cut off.


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