The Last King of Rodeousvale: Chapter 5 – 8


WARNING: this is a story written by my 11 year old self. Please do not criticize the illogical events and the horrible grammar. I know she tried her best – sincerely, 4 years later.

WARNING: DO NOT read this if you have an interest in reading my Chanyeol and Kris fanfiction “Bloodline.” You might be spoiled even though Bloodline was slightly altered.

Chapter 5: Mad twins

     The next morning, mail came, I opened it read it.

     “Yesterday, Gibbenrous Rebleyat Royalletous, the third son of our king died. It was no murder, it just happens so that Mr. Gibb had been plotting to kill Mathew, his brother and his father. Thanks to our prince Mathew who has acted as fast as he could to report to the police station. But Mr. Riddstern, the head of the police station, was only to plan to lock Mr. Gibb in prison. His own father was furious and commanded that his head would be cut. I guess we are to have a queen then? – Tolenstine D. Jigstourne”

     I went to our very enormous kitchen to fetch some breakfast. As I walked in, I saw my father; he hugged me and said, “My son, what would you like for breakfast? Egg with bacon, cereal, anything! We have all the food you want here!” “No no, I’m good father; I just needed some coffee and bread.” As I was about to get the bread he said, “My son just relax and have a good time. Here, here’s the bread and coffee.” “Father,” I answered. “Why are you treating me like this?” “Well, you have been very honest to me these months. And if twins will die, you shall be my next king.” I looked at him and continued eating.

     Meanwhile, I read the article again. It said that one of the walls of Rodeousvale fell to the ground. The city was falling apart for it has lived 200 years. Still they say that the walls they had built were not strong enough to stand longer, so is the buildings. Only the palace was strong enough to stand for the next year.

     At my room, I heard a knock from my door, it was Janiel. I opened the door and asked her, “What are you doing here?” “Me?” she answered. “Gibb told me everything what he saw before he died. It includes you. He said that you killed Matt. Now, tell me the truth or I will tell the people that you have stolen diamonds for the diamond shop.” She replied. “What? Why would I want diamonds? I’m a man not a woman.” “Men can use diamonds for their beloved people you know. In fact, I have heard that you loved someone from London. So tell me the truth or I will let them put you on the article.” “Fine, I’ll tell you, but you must not tell it to anyone.” I told her my secret. She gasped and went out of my room. I looked to where she was going to make sure that she was not going to say it to anyone. Of course I’m not yet going to tell you the secret that should be spoken later on.

     Later at midnight, I peeked to Janiel and Daniel’s room. I was hearing things which I didn’t like. She was telling Daniel about my secret; Daniel though didn’t want to trust Janiel for Janiel often lies to him. He said that it was the most pathetic thing he has ever heard. Early next morning, I heard Janiel scream so loud that I just had to get up. I ran to the twin’s room and saw Daniel, holding a gun towards Janiel. Daniel lowered the gun shaking and said,

     “Brother, please don’t say this to our father, we just had a rough night, we haven’t slept and-this was all Janiel’s fault! She made me too furious!”

     “Me?” answered Janiel. “What did I do?”

     “You lied to me aver since we were kids.” He shouted “you don’t expect me to believe that Mathew killed our older brother?!”

     “It’s true! Please believe me! I’m not lying this time!”

     “Mathew, is this true? That you are the one who killed my brothers?” “No!” I replied. “Why would I kill my brothers? It was Gibb who killed them!”

     “You liar!” shouted Janiel. “You told me Mathew! You told me that you were the one!”

     “My brother Daniel, ignore her, she’s gone mad these days! All I ever told her was a woman whom I loved from England!”

He looked up to Janiel, not a word by Janiel was trusted. Daniel then said in a low voice, “Mathew, go, it’s almost daylight, and we need to get some rest.”

I left and went to my room and slept.


Tolentstine D. Jigstourne: “Oh, the next chapter will be interesting! I don’t know for you but for me.”

Chapter 6: Flowervale feilds

Later that morning, the sun was in my window shining for the very first time. As the news paper flew by to my window, the clouds began to cover the sun. I read the article as soon as I opened it. ‘The Old Walls Crashed’ was the title to a side of one page. I read it carefully, and it says,

“Our great city Rodeousvale, what happened to our walls which were built with stones and bricks? Crashing to the homes of the poor, will our country that was an enemy before not help their own countrymen? England oh England, free us if won’t help us! Oh people of Rodeousvale, let us rebuild our city! Make this city better than it was before! – Tolenstine D. Jigstourne”

I went out the palace and got dressed like a normal man, not like a prince. I walked to the collapsed walls of Rodeousvale and found an old beggar. I gave him one thousand cash to the poor old man. That day, another wall collapsed to the ground and almost crushed me with its stones and bricks. The old man died, the money I gave to him was later found. I ran to the palace before I got crushed.

     I told my father what happened, he gathered all of the people of Rodeousvale to the palace. He cleared his throat and shouted, “People of Rodeousvale, let us build stronger walls to our city! Don’t you want this place to be more pleasant?” “Who cares about you?” A man shouted. “You’re losing all of your sons!” Guards rushed to him and locked the stranger in prison. People went back to their homes and ignored my father’s word. No one wanted to help rebuild the city. Even the people of Rodeousvale didn’t want to live there anymore.

     At Rodeousvale, there was always news or stories in the article. As I looked into the article, there was not a single name of Tolenstine D. Jigstourne, not one. At the previous days, I always see his name, but now, where did he go?

     I wore a normal shirt and looked like a normal person. I went to the ARTICLE BUISNESS PUBLISHERS and asked to the person in the counter. The man told me where Tonestine’s office was. He didn’t know who I was. He told me directions and said “Ah, looking for little Stanley eh. If he doesn’t think of anything good to write in the daily article, I’m sure he’s out of business!”

     As I knocked to his door, no one answered. I tried to open the door and it was not locked. I looked around the room and saw papers, papers everywhere. It was quite a messy place for an office. As I was searching through papers, I tried to speak if anyone was there.

“Hello? Hello? This is the prince speaking.” “Mr. Daniel?” A man asked with a shaking voice. “Well, no actually. It’s Mathew.” As I was reading a messed up paper, a man popped under a small desk and said, “Ah pleasure to meat you my prince. WOAH! Mr. Dawson! I- I’m sorry! I’m drunk sir! I didn’t know you were coming! What makes you come here anyway?”

     “Well, I am quite a fan to your articles, where did they go?”

     “Sir, News doesn’t happen every day. I can’t even think of anything to write anymore! Wait! Sir, will you please help me?”

     “Well, of course! Why wouldn’t I? Come me’ boy, let’s go to Flowervale Fields eh.”

     He was delighted to hear my words. So we rode down to Flowervale Fields and saw the great view. Flowervale fields was filled with different kinds of flowers. Everything was just colorful and pleasant to see.

     “So, write here what you see Tolenstein.”

     “Uh, please call me Stanley sir. And uh…sir, I don’t really know if anyone in Rodeousvale ever visits Flowervale Fields, this is one of the unknown places in England.”

     “Stanley, your articles are famous! See, if you write a great thing about this wonderful place, they will know about it and want to come to this place! I mean look at these flowers, and the birds in the sky, the clouds, and everything!”

     “Um sir, wouldn’t they claim this place and build something on it since this is a big empty space? And may I ask, why do you seem to like this place so much?”

     “Well, I met this woman. She was everything to me. And I describe her as beautiful as this. But I never got a chance to see her again.”

     “I’m sorry sir…I know! I could write your past if you don’t mind!”

He surprised me of course! My whole life was full of secrets! I just had to tell him!

     “Stanley, is this job really important to you?”

     “Sir, I am an American. My life was a big trouble in those days when I wasn’t here. I really need this job sir. The ads are killing me! Not one of them ever wants an American anymore!”

     “You know, I too had a troubled past.”

     “What happened?

     “When I was twenty-three years old, I went to London,”

     “Well! Should I write this down?”

     “Sure. I will continue on. When I was in London, The queen found out that I was in London. She wanted to talk to me. I had no choice but to go to her. She got me a secret mission which is not yet done by now. She wanted me to be king.”

     “I don’t get sir; she wants YOU to be king?

     “Yes. She said that people of Rodeousvale are not following England rules anymore. She wanted me to make a way to be the king and destroy Rodeousvale as soon as possible.”


     “Yes. This is true. I killed Jack and Matt.” Still, I wanted Stanley to write it down.

     Stanley sat down and wondered, “Well sir, should I write this down? Are you doing this to save my job and destroy every people in town?”

     “No, I’m doing this to fail my mission. I knew that I had no other home than Rodeousvale. Write it down so that you won’t lose your job.”

I felt sorry for myself and wanted to suicide. But I knew that as soon as my father will hear this, he will kill me for sure.

     The next day, the article arrived. I was scared to open it. But I was too scared that I needed to see what he wrote. It says,

“Our own prince Mathew Dawson H. Royalletous has revealed a secret to me on Flowervale Fields. He wanted me to write this in the article and spread the horrifying news. Mathew was-”

I was too scared that I never continued to read the page.

Chapter 7: Prison

     In the afternoon, my father new my secret, police surrounded me and he said, “Son, your brother Janiel is in prison right now. He killed your sister yesterday. Now that I don’t want to lose another child, I decided to lock you away in prison for four years. I’m going to vanish and my daughter Tanny will be queen. Goodbye.”Police officers dragged me away and locked me in Londale’s prison.

     In jail I sat down in the most uncomfortable bed. I went to think about stuff and slept. When I woke up, I heard a voice. It sounded like a young boy. He said, “It’s about time someone be my roommate!” I looked up and saw a young boy. “My name’s Harris, What’s your na – woah! Are you Matheous Royalletous?”

I changed my name and didn’t reveal my true name.

     “No, I’m…Mathew Dawson. Why are you in prison young man?”

     “Hm… Well, I am fourteen Sir.”

     “Why how young! When are they going to free you?”

     “Sir, they said they’d lock me here eight years and-”

     “What? Why would they do such a thing?”

     “And this is my fourth year in prison. I’ll be free when I’m eighteen.”

     “Why, how young you were in prison! Ten years is it? Oh my! But what have you done?”

     “Well, our father’s work never made a penny. Our mother was the hard worker of all. She made a hundred every single day. But she died and we had no money at all. I went to London and robbed Londale’s bakery, Fruity Lavanders, and Some kind of small coffee shop. One of the police officers caught me and wanted me to lock in jail for just twenty-four hours, but my father and sister knew what I did and was angry of me. My dad declared I’d be locked in prison to really learn my lesson. I’ve learned my lesson and I don’t even want to leave this prison. I’ve got friends alright!”

     His life was hard I suspected. He was a very young lad to stay here in eight years.

In lunch we went to the cafeteria. Harris left me and went to his friends. I just sat on an empty table and had a feeling that I would never fit in with the people; after all, they are outlaws. As I ate the very unpleasant food for the first time, a man held me in the shoulder and happily greeted me and ate on the small table where I was.

     “Brother! Why, I am so happy to see you! What brought you here?”

     “I’m sorry brother, I shouldn’t have done it! Your twin said the truth,”

     “What? You know you’re responsible for me killing my own sister!”

     “Yes, I know. In fact, I too am the one who killed the first two brothers. There’s no chance of keeping it inside of me now.”

He agreed to me and continued eating. He didn’t expect me to be here because articles of Rodeousvale never reach London or any other places.

Time was passing by and I never told my real name to any of my new friends. My new friends were Hansel Hamilton, who was a drinker and spilled a hot drink to the minister by accident. Jason Smokes, a Rodeousvaler who spoke against the law of England. Martin Ford, an American who had a car crash and accidentally killed a family. And last of all Harris, a robber in the age of ten. Harris was afraid to tell his last name like me turning into Mathew H. Dawson.

My life went on in boredom in Londale’s Prison. As I lived three years in prison, not much has ever happened to me. Oh how I missed Lily that time of years.

Chapter 8

Life as hard in prison, the only good reason why I’m here is that people come by for me and greet me. Like Colt who went only in to see me after a few weeks in prison.

     “There you are,” Colt said with a grin on his face.

     “No one has ever told me you were locked up in Londale’s prison! Not even my own father! Why did you even accept such a big mission for the queen of England? That is such a stupid move for a prince who knows England to be an enemy!”

     “Oh Colt, I made a huge mistake. But I failed the Queen of England and her control over me is now finished.”

     “You failed her task? But you know the consequences right?”

     “No. What do you mean?”

     “When you have failed a mission, there will be a punishment coming to you for sure”

     “Isn’t this enough punishment for me? Being in prison?

Unfortunately, the original story ends there. Though it wasn’t finished, the real plot of the story hasn’t left me. I’ll finish this story over on Bloodline. Go and check that out if you’d like.


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