If SNSD was your Unnie…

If Girls’ Generation was your unnie/noona (older sister)…



TaeYeon will bully you and crave for omma and appa’s attention. She will not be sweet and she will be rough. If you’re a boy and you like car toys, you’ll get along very well during play time. If you’re a girl who also likes these kind of toys than dolls, then she’ll get along with you even better

Jessica will really love you and baby you. She’ll be almost like your second mother. She’ll introduce you to her friends. You’ll be that little dongsaeng everybody knew to be so adorable and funny because of the embarrassing things your sister says about you.

Sunny will be a sweet, caring sister who you’ll look up to. She will do cool things that always catch your interest, and you’ll crave to be her best friend.

Tiffany will love anything pink as we all know. She will not stop talking and will force you to probably play tea parties with her. If not tea parties, she will make you watch her favorite Disney movies for as many as about 50 times. But other than that, she will take are of you well. She might be a bit bossy, though…

HyoYeon will be another bully. She will play pranks on you and you’ll end up crying at every end of the day if you’re not used to it. And since she’s older than you, you can’t exactly fight back even though you want to. But atleast you’ll get a good laugh everyday because of her witty jokes.

Yuri will be a fun Unnie to play with as long as its not a competition game. If it’s a competition game, she will be too competitive and annoying to deal with. She will also play some pranks on you like putting bugs under your pillow if you hate them. Her pranks will never be too harmful as HyoYeon’s though…

SooYoung will be that Unnie who finishes whatever you have left in your plate. And if she doesn’t get a fair share because of you, she will hold a grudge for the next few hours.

Yoona will also be that Unnie who plays pranks. If your relationship with her is close enough, she will drag you into her devious plans to ruin the cake of your other sibling’s birthday cake for fun.

SeoHyun will be the favorite child of the family. She will be the one always on top of the honor roll. If you don’t equal to her, there are high possibilities of your parents saying “You should be like your older sister.”


Sharing a room as teenagers

TaeYeon will turn to byuntaeng mode when you change clothes. If you’re not careful enough, she might just pass by and smirk at you without you noticing. If you’re body is really hot, there’s a high possibility that she will say a really inappropriate joke, one that you could either laugh at or make you cringe.

Jessica will also will be a byuntae when you change clothes, but much worse than TaeYeon. She will casually take peeks, and if lucky, snap pictures of you undressing if she finds your body endearing. Be very careful of iPhone camera click sounds. Those will be her treasures forever so don’t get on her bad side if you don’t want her using those photos as blackmail.

Sunny will be the source of mess in the room, unless you yourself are a mess, too. She will grab your butt or pinch your elbows at such a random time you will beg your parents to give you a room of your own.

Tiffany will puke pink and girly things all over the room. You cannot make her changer her mind.

HyoYeon will bother you and invade your private space no matter how many times you tell her to back off. She’s your Unnie. You can’t stop her because you’re her dongsaeng. She won’t take you seriously.

She won’t let you sleep early.

Yuri will tell you to clean the room if you have a small piece of mess around. She will not tolerate your mess and will get angry at you if you don’t act fast.

SooYoung will lock you out when she needs to (whether it’s for byuntae purposes or not). If she forbids you to enter, you can’t do anything about it because she’s the Unnie.

Yoona will also invade your privacy whether you like it or not. But as to the choices of who gets to decorate the room, she will be fair and make sure you have enough of your identity and her identity in it.

SeoHyun will have a shelf full of books… but she will also have a shelf full of random toys, stuffed toys, and figures she fangirls over. There will be Keroro merchandise, Jack Sparrow merchandise, and just about anything she found cute over the television. And also, she will not tolerate your messiness like Yuri.

As for nighttime, lights will be closed at either 8 pm to 11 pm. She will not stay up at midnight.


Playing Video games


TaeYeon will just play for as long as she wants. If she dies, she wouldn’t care. The gore and bloody games will be enough to entertain her for the rest of the playthrough.

Jessica will not care at first, but if she is forced to play, she will be so into it and won’t be able to put the control down.

Sunny will destroy you because she will be good at it.


Tiffany will just watch you play. She’d rather not play.

HyoYeon will also destroy you.

Yuri will be too competitive.

SooYoung will be too loud and she’ll flip the table if ever she loses in the game.

Yoona will also play with a few tricks up her sleeves.

SeoHyun will play but will suck at it and whine every time someone kills her.


Doing chores

Without any words, TaeYeon will help you because it won’t seem fair to her if you’re the only one doing them.

Jessica will tell you to do it and not help you.

Sunny will teach you how to do it properly and do it with you.

Tiffany will silently help you.

HyoYeon will compete with you first as to who will do the chores.

Yuri will tell you to clean it properly.

SooYoung will help.

Yoona will help you.

SeoHyun will help and nag if you don’t do it properly.


During Study Time

TaeYeon can help with math. She won’t care whether you cheat or not. If you fail, that is none of her concern.

Jessica will not care. If you have a question, she’ll probably say, “Don’t ask me. Search the internet yourself.”

Sunny can teach you anything, and if she doesn’t know it, she’ll learn it with you.

Tiffany will encourage you and help you to the very best of her abilities.

HyoYeon will help you if you need something, but once you get her attention, she will distract you.

Yuri will cheer you on and help with creative writing.

SooYoung will give snacks.

Yoona will also distract you. She will ask you what you would want eat so she can prepare something, so that she can eat it herself.

SeoHyun will nag you into doing better. Will get mad if you don’t study and do your homework. She will push you to your limits, confiscate your electronics, and watch you closely if you are cheating or not.


PE Time

TaeYeon will not care or even remember to do exercise. She loses weight by forgetting to eat.

Jessica will be too lazy

Sunny will walk her dogs with you.

Tiffany will exercise when she needs to.

HyoYeon will dance, do aerobics, or take you out to do extreme sports

Yuri will do yoga, jog, cycle, or swim

SooYoung will go to the gym. If lazy, she’ll just sit at home to entertain herself because apparently for her, laughing is also exercise.

Yoona do little exercise and eat afterwards since she’s that kid who never gains weight

SeoHyun will do at least 2 hours a day–an hour for day and night. Being healthy is important to her.


Free Time

TaeYeon would watch anime and do byuntae jokes with you. She’ll just hang out inside the house all day. If she gets bored, she will have fun on her own peacefully with colors and a notebook while listening to music. She’ll also do her nails. If she wants (since she’s older than you), she will do your nails despite whatever gender you may be.


Jessica will either sleep, eat, or sit around and scroll down the internet. She’ll bother you if she gets bored

Sunny will ask you whether or not you want to go out somewhere fun like the arcade. If not the arcade, then somewhere she knows you’ll both have a lot of fun and make life experiences.

Tiffany will go shopping and suggest fashion and beauty with you. If not shopping, she’ll force you to come with her to amusement parks.

HyoYeon will party out with her friends or play toys like lego.

Yuri will go play at the park for writing inspirations. She can also go and play any sport of her choice and drag you along.

SooYoung eat and watch TV.

Yoona play pranks or just bother you in general. If not that, she will fangirl over every hot guy she sees either on TV or internet and search their photos and show them to you.

SeoHyun will play music together with you if you know how to play an instrument. She likes music and you’ll obviously get along in this area if not with her tight, upright character. Talking about upright character, she’ll tell you to read a book instead of looking all day at a computer screen or phone.



TaeYeon uses snapchat and posts random pretty photos on instagram. She also watch random viral videos in YouTube and are probably subscribed to funny YouTubers with a bit of nail art YouTubers on the side.

Jessica posts vague messages that make no sense on whatever site she wants to use. Her friends will think it’s about her secret lover, but really it’s just directed to you, her sibling.

Sunny uses twitter and plays random online games.

Tiffany uses instagram, pinterest, tumblr, snapchat, and blogs fashion and random things. She will take many selfies with you and post it everywhere. She’ll also take photos of you secretly and post it on your instagram. Be careful, she might hack your accounts occasionally.

HyoYeon does not exactly understand the internet but posts embarrassing stuff anyway.

Yuri posts as many as she wants of the same thing in an hour on instagram. Oh, and coffee.

SooYoung uses instagram and blogs a little on tumblr. If not that, she occasionally goes to the X rated part of the internet…

Yoona uploads almost anything that has anything related to food.

SeoHyun tweets cute stuff and posts cute selfies on instagram. Other than that, she does not waste her time on the internet.


Late Nights/Evenings

TaeYeon will sit quietly and talk when needed. When asleep, she will be sleep talking. If she can’t sleep, she’ll play games on her phone or use the internet.


Jessica will sleep, obviously. But there are times when she’s awake during late nights updating her instagram about what time it is and how much fun she’s having at such a late hour. She might have midnight snacks with you.

Sunny might go and take you out to drink with her.

Tiffany will talk on and on about her day. But if there are things you want  to talk about, for advice or just anything, she’s ready to listen.

HyoYeon will not be there and will come home late.

Yuri will listen to the radio and make prank calls.

SooYoung will eat a midnight snack. But seriously, she’s probably doing her devotions.

Yoona will not let you sleep peacefully.

SeoHyun will nag you to sleep early because skin cells don’t grow past midnight or something…


Cooking/food/Dinners with her

TaeYeon will cook you good food. She’s good a ramyun and um… cereal?

Jessica will not cook you food because she doesn’t exactly know how to, unless it’s Kimchi fried rice. She will just take you out on some restaurant or order food at home.

Sunny will cook good enough for you to eat.

Tiffany will take you out to stores with bread. She will also ask you if you want ice cream even if you’ve eaten one just yesterday. There’s a high possibility of you gaining weight when eating with her.

HyoYeon will cook you the best dishes in the country with great taste and skill.

Yuri will also cook good enough food and will also eat a lot.

SooYoung will eat anything so if she’s lazy, you’ll end up with a cup of noodles for dinner with her.

Yoona will cook great dishes. If she’s feeling happy and mischievous, she could torture you with her food pranks.

SeoHyun will try to cook but it’s not always good.


Giving you a ride/Riding with her.

TaeYeon will drive you to your destination smoothly. If she’s happy and relaxed, she will sing along to music playing in the car. If tired, she’ll just sleep while letting someone else drive.

Jessica will get angry at traffic. If she’s not driving, she will be sleeping. She will jam to music playing.

Sunny will also drive you smoothly to your destination.

Tiffany will drive you to your destination smoothly, but she could be noisy when it comes to drivers who don’t follow the rules. She likes managing the radio.

HyoYeon will be a good driver and she will be fun to chat with. Your ride won’t be boring because she will make you laugh.

Yuri will be playing games with you to make the ride less boring. If she is tired, she will be sleeping.

SooYoung will be the person who brings snacks to the car. Also, if she ever gives you a ride, wear a seat belt because her breaks and sudden start-up can cause heart attacks.

Yoona can safely get you to your destination. She will occasionally go to a drive-thru to buy something to eat.

SeoHyun will tell you to fasten your seat belt. There is no assurance whether or not she can drive you safely to your destination.



TaeYeon will not care but will endure her time there if you are serious about being in the church.

Jessica will be listening but might slowly drowse off. You will think she’s praying, but she’s actually sleeping.

Sunny will be listening. If she’s needed, she’ll volunteer in the nursery.

Tiffany will be fired up for the Lord. She will be that goody-goody Christian writing notes down and highlighting verses. Not once will she not pay attention.

Hyoyeon will be listening and talking and probably ask a bunch of ignorant questions whether it’s embarrassing or not. At least she’s curious XD


Yuri will be part of the worship band. She will also volunteer in the nursery. She can’t just sit still because she also might fall asleep.

SooYoung will be listening intently, taking the Lord’s words at heart. She can teach little children if asked. She will lead and support different kinds of charities. She will be present to every church-out-to-lunch or church-out-to-picnic events.

Yoona will be listening, but will just chat with you if she gets bored. She will also volunteer in the nursery.

SeoHyun will be the piano playing hymn girl. She will also be listening very carefully and will be telling everyone to keep quiet.


Watching TV

TaeYeon – anime, action movies, byuntae movies

Jessica – American TV shows, byuntae movies

Sunny – animal planet, mystery and action movies/dramas

Tiffany – on style, American TV shows, byuntae movies, and disney movies

HyoYeon – variety shows and fangirls over guys

Yuri – variety shows and cartoons

SooYoung – romantic movies and brings the popcorn and other snacks

Yoona – fangirling over every hot guy she sees

SeoHyun – popular dramas, cartoons, Johnny Depp movies


Watching horror

TaeYeon will laugh and probably tell byuntae jokes to make you laugh when you’re scared.

Jessica will be screaming high pitched dolphin noises the whole time while hitting things close to her.

Sunny will roll her eyes and say it’s not scary. She might do aegyo to clean your eyes of the horror, but her aegyo is pretty horrific itself.


Tiffany will slightly be scared, but not too much. She’ll be trying to convince herself that it’s not scary by constantly saying “It’s not scary.”

HyoYeon will scare you at intense quiet scenes. She’s not fun to watch with if you’re such a scaredy-cat.

Yuri will be scared but will try to laugh it off.

SooYoung will be crying and mumbling prayers on her seat. She does not want to see them horrifying faces in her sleep.

Yoona will be into the movie and will probably just laugh at you when you get scared.

SeoHyun will be whining while holding on to stuffed toys.


During your birthday

TaeYeon will give you a weird gift because she doesn’t want you to receive something cliche.

Jessica will be sweet and treat you out to dinner.

Sunny will wake you up with happy birthday aegyo voice. Then she will take you to a cool place.

Tiffany will organize a surprise party with all of your friends invited.

HyoYeon will bother you when you wake up. But also, you might find a wacky heartfelt letter on your desk.

Yuri will give you a nice gift.

SooYoung will eat your cake.

Yoona will prank you.

SeoHyun will give you a gift she made herself.


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