A M N E S I A: Chapter 12

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Chapter 12:

Black Sun (Part 2) – Unpredictable

      Stephanie’s nap was interrupted by the chill of the hospital. She wanted to take a bit more rest as she tried relaxing herself more on Jinwon’s shoulders, but it did not help at all. Something cold was hitting her skin. She kept wondering what was bothering her until she finally decided to open her eyes. Slightly annoyed, she looked at what was on Jinwon’s neck and found a familiar chain beaming back at her. She thought it could not be possible that the necklace she gave to Eunji would somehow end up with him, but it wouldn’t hurt to check. She rubbed her eyes to make sure her eyes weren’t playing games with her and checked if he was still asleep. She carefully pulled the chain out of his shirt.

     “Oh!” she gasped with her whole body jerking in shock as a familiar key came to view. It was the key necklace—the one she had kept in her possession for fifteen years. How did it get to his possession? She was fond of Eunji and Jinwon’s close relationship, but did Eunji really give it to him without knowing him as her father? What was she thinking giving her dead father’s precious necklace to a man she just met a month ago? She doesn’t even recall ever telling Eunji that she was currently dating him.

      “Has she figured it all out by herself?” she wondered since it would only be the explanation. Eunji would not be the type of girl to just give something like that away. Surely she must have found something out.

      Stephanie tiredly sighed realizing how time was flying by so quickly with the truth resurfacing faster than she expected. There is no point to hold it all back as the days pass. No matter how nervous she was, the outcome was all in the hands of Forever. So with full determination, she firmly made up her mind to finally tell Jinwon everything after JooHyun gives birth. She also sent a text to Eunji saying that she’ll be saying something once she gets home. It’s time to reveal everything.


      There was definitely something off with Kibum the moment Eunji saw him pass through the school halls without greeting anybody that came his way. He took routes that avoided as much people as possible. He didn’t even eat lunch with the group that day. Eunji and Minjae tried to look for him but he was always nowhere to be found. He was so distant. Eunji was starting to feel extremely worried.

      It was 4 pm, the school just ended. She stepped outside of the school building and covered herself with her notebooks to protect herself from the on-going storm. Then she remembered she had an umbrella. She took out the green umbrella given by Kibum and opened it. Even if it provided her enough protection from the rain to get to her home, she wasn’t satisfied. Something was missing. Kibum was missing. She was now used to having Kibum around that going home without him just didn’t feel right.

     Suddenly, her phone vibrated continuously and she saw that her mother had sent her a number of text messages.

      “—Eunji sorry for not coming back in the morning 😦 Do not assume anything bad about your mom sleeping in another man’s apartment ok? NOTHING HAPPENED, BABY. blame it all on the storm~!!

      —wchich reminds me… be careful on your way home, okay? Don’t go near the big roads. The storm seems really scary today D:

      —If your wondering where I am, I am in the hospital right now since morning since JooHyun is in labor. Yay the baby will finally come outttt!!! Wohooo Im excitedd ❤ ❤

      —so I think I’ll be back around the evening ^^

      —Tell me what u wna eats I’ll orderrr

            Eunji chuckled at her mom’s text messages until she received one last message.

      —Also, we need to talk.

      Her mouth dried at the tone of that message. Was she in trouble for something? Her day was already so bad with Kibum avoiding her and everyone, now she has to deal with this? Anyway, she’ll worry about that later. She has to find Kibum.

      A girl passed by in the corner of her eye and she stopped her. “Jinri,” Eunji asked, “Have you seen Kibum by any chance?” Jinri was one of Kibum’s close friends. Before Kibum hung out with Eunji’s friends, he also had one his own group friends and Jinri was one of them.

      “Yeah,” Jinri nodded. “He said he was going to the park.”

      “The park? What’s he doing there?” Eunji asked.

      “I don’t know,” Jinri shrugged. “He’s been too quiet today.”

      “Oh…” Eunji sulked. “Thanks anyway Jinri,” Eunji smiled. “I’ll go now.”

      As soon as she took a step, Jinri gently grabbed her wrist. “Be careful Eunji,” she said. “I think he’s a bit shaken up by something but I can’t tell what it is.”

      “You can tell?” Eunji asked. “I thought I was the only one who noticed…”

      “Anyone can tell he’s troubled,” Jinri sighed. “Just take care of him if you find him, okay? I think you’re the only one who can get through his thoughts.”

      “What do you mean by that?” Eunji softly asked as she stared at Jinri’s compassionate expressions.

      Jinri tapped Eunji’s back and giggled, “He likes you. Don’t you know that already? I thought you already knew that by now.” She flashed one last smile and ran to the car that was waiting for her. Eunji just stood there, processing Jinri’s words.

      She knew what she had to do now.

      The park was a little bit far from the school grounds. It had to take walking on slippery roads and a thick fog that hovered around just to reach it. Despite the storm, Eunji was desperate. Even if Kibum might have already left for home, she figured she’d check the park first since Jinri told her he might be there. It was hard to get there, but with the help of his green umbrella, she managed.

      There was no one to be seen in the small play ground in the park. It looked completely abandoned. What did she expect? It’s not like anyone would be hanging around outside when the storm is pouring on.

      She started to head for home when a creaking sound startled her. Her whole body turned around 180 degrees and her eyes squinted. In the blur of it all was Kibum sitting quietly in the swing. She approached him and found him all soaked up in his uniform.

      “K-Kibum?” Eunji called while trying to keep the falling water from blocking her vision. Kibum looked up.

      “Yah, what are you doing here alone all soaked up, huh?” Eunji softly asked but he didn’t answer.

      “It’s not like you’re emo or anything, are you?” Eunji chuckled but Kibum turned his head back to being downcast. Eunji’s little jokes always put a smile on him, but now, he was ignoring it. There was obviously something wrong.

      “Hey…” Eunji whimpered as she closed the umbrella and let herself be soaked under the rain with him. She sat on the empty swing beside Kibum and looked at him. She has never seen him this down. “What’s wrong?” she asked, worry clearly heard in her voice. He didn’t move or say anything.

      “Kibum… come on, don’t do this. I’m worried about you. What’s wrong? You were fine just last night…” Eunji deeply sighed.

      Kibum stayed silent and Eunji waited. She didn’t care about the rain falling on her skin. She didn’t care about the cold breeze hitting in their direction. She didn’t care about anything at all other than Kibum. If it would take him thirty minutes or maybe even hours to say anything, she will wait for him.

      “Am I being too dramatic?” Kibum spoke after 15 minutes. Eunji turned her attention to him.

      “Dramatic?” Eunji wondered. “Yes,” she nodded rather bluntly.

      “I’m just confused. I’ve never felt this before,” Kibum sighed.

      “Felt what? The rain?” Eunji said as she let raindrops fall on her hands.

      “No… us”

      Eunji blinked. “Us?”

      “I just… sorry, I need to clear my thoughts…” Kibum said as he stood up.

      “Where are you going?” Eunji asked.

      “Go home Eunji… I have to go somewhere else. Let’s see each other tomorrow,” Kibum said, trying to put up a smile. Eunji became even more flustered. Kibum turned and headed for the taxi stand.

      Eunji quickly ran in front of him and spread out her arms to block him. “Hey, I’m not letting you go anywhere before I know what’s with you today.”

      “Eunji…” Kibum gently let down Eunji’s arms and sighed. He walked towards the taxi stand and started looking for any taxi to pass by. However, Eunji could not take this anymore. She harshly grabbed Kibum’s hand and dragged him back to the playground.

      “Kibum-ah, just tell me please,” Eunji said tightly gripping his arms. “What’s wrong with you today? I think I might go crazy not knowing what’s bringing you down.”

      “I… I just can’t take seeing you. I might go crazy.”

      “Why?” Eunji asked.

      “Last night… The feelings going through me were so new. Being with you just… It just makes it worse not knowing how you feel.”

      “So you’re going to avoid me because I haven’t told you how I feel?” Eunji pouted.

     “It’s not that… It’s just that I’m scared.”

      “Of what?”

      “That if we do start a thing, what if… what if it doesn’t work out at all?”

      “We haven’t even jumped to it and you still don’t know how I feel. And now you’re getting all depressed just because of that? Come on Kibum, you’re stronger than that,” Eunji chuckled as she softly punched Kibum’s arm; her eye-smile showing. “If you want things to work, don’t you just need to believe that it will?”

      “I’m serious, Eunji,” Kibum sighed. “I feel like I might hurt you in some way. I’m just… I’m scared of this first love.” The more he looked at her cheerful eyes, the more he wanted to give in—drop all of his stress down.

      “First love… I don’t even know what that’s supposed to be like,” Eunji said. “But don’t you want to find it out with me? C’mon, help me clear out my thoughts and go on that slide,”

      “I… huh?” Kibum thought she was asking for them to officially start a relationship, but her last sentence caught him off guard. He turned his head to the yellow metal slide and it looked too dirty due to the rain. Eunji cannot expect him to literally go down on that slide, right?

      “What? Why?”

      “Go on that slide, and I’ll tell you how I feel.”


      Kibum climbed up on the ladder and stood high above Eunji who looked way too excited for his fall. He took a glance at the wet yellow slope and hesitated to go down. No way was he sliding his butt on that. He couldn’t resist Eunji’s eye-smile though. He had to go down on that somehow. He stepped on the slide sideways and skidded his way down smoothly. He tripped on the edge and was taken a bit off balance. When he finally stopped and stood straight in front of Eunji, Eunji smiled. Eunji opened the green umbrella and it protected the both of them from the rain.

      “What?” Kibum asked confused as to why Eunji was grinning so much.

      With a hand behind her back, Eunji lifted her heel and her face leveled with Kibum, softly kissing him on his lips. She’s never done anything like this before, though through her confidence, it looked as if she’s experienced. She looked calm and steady, but in reality, her heart pounded so loudly and she was trembling with excitement. She didn’t know why she took the courage to do this. She even thought this idea wouldn’t really work out. Now that it has worked, she had nothing to worry about. If you believe that it will work out, chances are, it will.

      As Eunji withdrew from their kiss, she blushed madly, but it was not visible because of the dark skies and the green shade from the umbrella.

      “I’m telling you I want you,” Eunji hummed Kibum’s song with a smile. “I’m telling you that I love you.” Kibum stood there, paralyzed, blinking constantly trying to soak in what just happened.

      “Now go,” Eunji said, ruffling Kibum’s hair. “Go and clear out your thoughts, too, as you wished.”

      Kibum just gulped and nervously nodded. He ran to the taxi stand just when a taxi passed by and giddily waved goodbye to Eunji. Eunji giggled and touched her lips. Even she couldn’t believe they just kissed.

      She started to head for home, holding firmly her green umbrella. She was still somewhat out of her own reality and she couldn’t stop smiling. She turned her head to see off the taxi that Kibum road and stared at it as it went farther away.

      “Aigoo… that guy. He’s suddenly overthinking things,” Eunji giggled.


      Before the taxi completely disappeared in the fog, her smile turned upside down. Just a few miles away, she clearly heard and saw two cars colliding together. The loud crash definitely wasn’t thunder. She knew she was not mistaken. Her eyes did not fool her. Subconsciously, she started walking towards the crash. Her pace went faster and faster until she was finally running. She ran for what seemed like an hour of slow torture until she reached the crowd of people surrounding the area. She pushed through the crowd with her hands still gripping tightly on the umbrella. The tighter she held it, the more she wished what she was thinking isn’t true.

      Right in the middle of an intersection were two cars. One was an old hatchback with a bumper completely fallen off. The other was a taxi. Its side was completely deformed due to the impact from the other car.

Everything became a blur at that very moment. Police cars were blaring, Ambulance sirens were raging, but the only thing Eunji could hear was the heavy beating of her heart. “Kibum is alright,” she cooed to herself. “he has to be…” she walked towards the scene, hypnotized by this thought. A police officer stopped her on her tracks but she could not hear him. Her eyes floated hopelessly to the taxi’s car door as the ambulance team carefully dragged out a bloody boy—the boy who she kissed just minutes ago.

       “Kibum…,” she breathed out as her body tried to push forward. The police officer restrained her from going any closer until she suddenly snapped out of her trance. “Please let me get on the ambulance! He’s my friend!”



DECEMBER 14, 1997, Sunday

      “Hey, I don’t think you should be driving tonight,” HaYeon said to Jinwon as she stared out the window.

      “Don’t worry,” Jinwon said, as he wore his coat. “It’ll be fine.” The snow storm was pouring on, but still, JooHyun ’s recital was not canceled. Jinwon promised he would bring her to her recital. He couldn’t let his dongsaeng down just because of some storm.

      And so, he started his car and clapped. He took a deep breath and started driving.

      “Wow, the storm’s no joke,” Jinwon mumbled as the windshield wiper went up and down nonstop trying to wipe off the pounding snow every single second. He even had to squint his eyes to see clearly where he was going through the white terror.

      “Ugh, why does her recital have to be today? Can’t they move it to some other date?” Jinwon grumbled.

      His phone started to ring and he picked it up quickly.

      “Oppa!” JooHyun greeted.

      “Oh,” Jinwon responded. He was too focused on trying to see where he was going that he couldn’t greet her properly

      “What’s taking you so long?”

      “Just wait,” Jinwon said. “It’s hard to drive tonight you know. I can barely see where I’m going.”

      “Ah really? Well, arrive here quickly! I don’t want to be late.”

      “Oh? Oh!” Jinwon’s eyes widened.

      “Why? What ‘s that?” JooHyun asked.

      Jinwon quickly turned the steering wheel to avoid colliding with a car but it was too late. His car swerved in the storm’s darkness and tumbled horribly, causing all the glass to shatter and deform his car. He hit his head on something causing a sudden shut-down in his system.

      “He-hello?? Jinwon Oppa!?” was the last sound to enter his ears.


      Jinwon’s eyes shot open and he panted tiredly from the impact of his memory. When he tried to calm his rapidly beating heart, tears dropped from his eyes without his control. It felt too vivid and terrifying. He quickly wiped his tears away before anyone could see him and closed his eyes again to rest. If he already remembered up to that point, has he finally remembered everything that he needed to remember? Was it done? He just wanted it to be done. He didn’t want to go through these painful memories ever again.

      When he has finally calmed his heart, he opened his eyes and stretched. He took off the blanket that covered him and headed to the café. After all the memories that bombarded him in his sleep, he would rather not see or talk to the people in JooHyun’s room for now.

      As Jinwon drank coffee to warm and wake himself up, he roamed the hospital halls slowly while making a side-note to remember how to go back to JooHyun’s room. Passing many halls, he saw a glimpse of the emergency room. There was a new patient coming in. He has watched a good number of hospital dramas, but nothing was as interesting as the reality playing out in front of him. He laid his back on the open door, sipping his cup of coffee as he watched the doctors treat the patient as quickly as possible. He’s never actually been the audience of such a scene for he had always been the main star on that bloody hospital bed. Sometimes he wondered if his situation fifteen years ago were as hectic as these scenes before him.

      “Aigoo, I wonder what could’ve happened… Everyone seems to be rushing to that patient,” he mumbled, taking another sip.

      Suddenly, he remembered parts of his dream and almost choked on his coffee. “I’m pregnant,” Stephanie words echoed. So does that mean Stephanie really had a child? It would make sense since earlier Jessica kind of blurted it out. He tried to think about it more but his thoughts were interrupted.

      The emergency room’s doors opened again and this time, it was no doctor or men from the ambulance. It was a girl in a school uniform, wet from the storm. Jinwon stood up straight and his eyes widened.

      “Eunji?” He took another sip from his coffee and automatically walked towards her. She looked haggard and uneasy.

      “Hey, why are you here? What’s going on?” Jinwon asked, softly tapping Eunji’s shoulders. Eunji was too dazed that she wasn’t able to recognize or even hear him. She could not process anything properly and her eyes restlessly paced into nothingness.

       Jinwon immediately took off his coat and wrapped it warmly on her as her whole body shook and shivered from shock and from the cold. He brushed her stray hairs away from her face and cupped her cheeks to get her attention.

       “Eunji, are you alright? Why are you here?” he asked again, getting worried the longer she did not say anything. He called her name again and again until Eunji lifted up her head and stared at his anxious eyes.

       “Mr. Kim…” She could not form words as the situation started to sink in. Out of fear and anxiousness, she threw herself into Jinwon’s arms and broke down heavily in tears.

      Jinwon hugged Eunji as tightly as he could until her tremors calmed down. He continued to caress her back as she sobbed. He took a glance at the doctors’ direction and saw Kibum unconsciously lying on the bed with all sorts of wires connected to him. He had blood all over him and it definitely looked fatal. He lost his breath at the scene for it was like he was watching the aftermath of the last memory that he recalled. He turned his eyes back to the girl crying on his shoulders and wondered if Stephanie reacted the same way 15 years ago. Just how much did she cry and who were there to comfort her? Imagining the pain Stephanie must’ve gone through made him cradle Eunji in his arms even more.


      Jinwon took Eunji to the café to calm her down. He sat there in silence, giving her all the time and quiet that she needed to recover from the trauma. It didn’t take long to stop her shaking body and her tears also dried quickly. It impressed Jinwon seeing how quickly she turned calm. He thought she would continue crying, but she just drank her hot chocolate quietly.

      Although it was painfully awkward not knowing how to comfort her, he went out of his own comfort zone and tried to initiate a conversation.

      “How are you holding up?”

      There was a long moment of silence until Eunji finally decided to answer, “I’m alright. It’s just…” she sighed heavily. “It’s hard to believe.”

      “I’m sorry.” Jinwon hung his head low. “I don’t know how scared you must feel right now. I don’t know much about Kibum past his contagious smile, yet this upsets me so much. But as your friend, how much more…” he trailed off.

      “He became more than a friend to me,” Eunji said. “He was much more than that.”

      “Much more?”

      “He confessed his feelings to me yesterday—how he liked me for a long time—and I confessed my feelings for him today. We even kissed just right before the accident. He was doubtful about starting a relationship, but I believed everything would work out. I guess I was a fool. I didn’t expect things to just…” Eunji trailed off.

      “You’re not a fool. Life is just unpredictable,” Jinwon said. He knew that more than anyone else.

      “But it was!” Eunji tiredly exclaimed as her tears started gathering again. “I wish I didn’t let him go… I wish I stayed with him for a few more seconds back in the park,” Eunji said with her voice trembling.

      “Hey,” Jinwon scooted closer to her and cupped her hands as her tears softly started again. “It’s not your fault. It’s not anyone’s fault,” Jinwon sighed

      “Life is one big mystery,” Jinwon continued. “Sometimes we forget we don’t really know what happens in the next minute. No matter how cautious we are… accidents and mistakes, they will always happen. The world likes to mess with us even when we’ve done nothing wrong.”

      Eunji wiped her tears away and she calmed down again. After a silence, she said lightly with a bittersweet and content smile, “But God knows, and the fact that I know He’s the one who’s messing with my life, it comforts me.”

      Jinwon was taken aback by what she said for it did not make sense to him how she smiled with that thought. The fact that he had not fully dived into religion is because he felt God had forsaken him with the history of pain firing at him in every direction. “Don’t you hate Him?” he wondered.

      “How could I?” she said. “When He’s messing with my life, I know there’s a good reason for it. When He basically trampled with His own perfect Son’s life, at that time everyone didn’t know he did it to save our dumb souls from death. So I know He has a good reason for everything even if I don’t know it or fully understand it yet… even if it hurts at the moment.”

      Not fully interested or understanding and relating to what she said, Jinwon decided not to comment on it. The only thing that mattered to him was that Eunji was not as depressed about the situation as he feared and expected. She didn’t focus on the negatives or confusion and quickly looked at the situation with optimism and hopefulness—something he lacked and definitely needed in his own life. At least he did not have to go through the trouble of finding the right words and actions that could help console her. Nevertheless, he could not help but wonder about the last things that she said.

      “Everything does happen for a reason, don’t they?” Jinwon said. “Back then I thought it was a pretty cliché thing to say, but this phrase proved itself true to me.”

      “How? Can you tell me?”

      “The truth is, I’ve been on many accidents before—agh, it really follows me around,” Jinwon said.


      “Yeah…” Jinwon sighed. “I actually wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for an accident. The company’s plunger was an accident and I lost my job because I got into an accident. Then just about a month ago, I got into another accident and we got to know each other better because of that. And then I got a job and met the girlfriend I told you I thought I would never meet again.”

      “Wow, that’s crazy.”

      “I know, right? My life was a little miserable and I really thought I wouldn’t meet anyone who I could settle down with, but now I’ve found my joy back—all because of accidents. That’s why I didn’t want to stay in the hospital because I’ve been on hospitals almost all my life,” he said. “Now it’s clear to me that all the pain I went through lead me here today.”

      “But,” he took a deep breath and continued, “I don’t know if this will make you feel any better, but the very first accident I’ve been in was the worst, and it truly changed the course of my life. Oh… this will not cheer you up at all.”

      “Just tell me,” Eunji said, interested in her father’s story. She didn’t care if the story would upset her. She just wanted to hear her father’s comforting voice. “It would pass the time at least.”

      “Okay…” Jinwon sighed and opened up. “I was about 19. I got into a car accident during a severe snowstorm. I got into a one month coma, which was unbelievably a short amount of time compared to those who got on similar accidents. Basically, when I woke up, I couldn’t remember myself or anyone—not my family, not my friends, not even my girlfriend. But people thought I was a miracle boy to have woken up so fast so a lot of people assumed I would heal so much quicker than anyone, but it didn’t turn out that way. It slowly got worse over time and I kept forget many important things. People who loved me had wasted their time hoping I would remember them.”

      Eunji had always wondered what Jinwon’s side of the story was like and he was finally laying it all out for her. She listened intently hoping to understand him much better.

      “Back then, I kind of pretended I was angry at all of those around me because I felt they constantly pressured me to remember and to act like the normal human I was before the accident. But the truth is, I was the one who pressured myself the most because I felt so scared and ashamed that I wouldn’t meet their expectations. But since I didn’t want to admit that, I treated everyone poorly without knowing what they were really feeling towards the situation.”

      “Just recently, I remembered that my girlfriend was pregnant at the time of the accident. When I woke up from my coma, I tried pushing her away so many times because she was just another annoying person who pressured me to remember myself. I didn’t know she was carrying my child. I guess I fully understand now why she tried so hard to make me love her and remember what we once were. She really tried her best to love me despite all that I’ve done, but at some point I completely lost control of my temper and somehow, because of that she, in a way…, gave up.”

      “She must’ve felt so heartbroken and tired trying to let you go at a time like that,” Eunji sighed as she fully understood why her mother had a hard time opening her heart to other men. For a long time, she thought it was hard for her mother to let him go because death truly is such a tragic thing, but the reality was much more painful and sadder than what she knew. Her mother was supposed to be with him but she had to let him go even he was still alive, all because he became more dangerous, he could not remember anything about her, and could not respond well to her love anymore. Her pain right now from losing Kibum was probably nothing compared to what her mother must have felt.

      “I guess… But whenever I think of that time, I sometimes wonder if she ever really loved me,” Jinwon solemnly said. “If she really loved me, would she really let me go? My family at that time was planning to go back to our hometown, but she had the power to make me stay. I remember my parents personally asked that to her, but she told them it was better for me to go.” He sighed in frustration and buried his face in his hands, “How was that better if she was pregnant? I should’ve been there for her even if I didn’t know it was my child. Just why did she keep it from me just because I couldn’t remember? How would she know I wouldn’t help her take care of it? How would she know I wouldn’t love her eventually? This is just…”

      “I think…,” Eunji took a deep breath and gently said, “I think she let you go because she loved you.”

      “Wh… what?” Jinwon blinked and stared at Eunji intently, stunned and confused by her answer.

      “Doesn’t it seem like that?” she scratched her head. “Think about it… if she planned on keeping the baby, she would want what was best for it. Of course she wanted you to be the father, but from what you told me, you seemed to be dangerous to her or won’t respond well to her, that’s why she had to let you go. But it seems like she also let you go because she knew you’d live poorly trying to raise a family you didn’t even know you had. Maybe she knew about your dreams or wanted you to properly heal and be happy, and she didn’t want to hold you back from that. She wanted you to live normally.”

      Jinwon hung his head low as he tried not to tear up. Hearing that possible reason only made his heart ache even more. “Still… where would that leave her? She must’ve suffered a lot,” he said with a heavy sigh.

      “If she actually kept it, though, what happened?” he said. “I just can’t put my mind to it. As I’ve said, I met her again and we’ve been together almost every day, but she hasn’t mentioned anything about it. If she did keep it, maybe that’s why our friends were so intent in helping us get back together…,” he mumbled. “But still, she should’ve mentioned something about it. Did she abort it? Did she have a miscarriage? Did she put it up for adoption?”

      “Who knows, really? But I’m sticking with my guess—she probably kept it in some way,” Eunji nonchalantly replied.

      “Now that I think about it… if she really did keep it and raised it, she couldn’t possibly keep from me a child that is about your age,” he said as his eyebrows crumpled.

      “Haven’t you only been together for a short time? Maybe she hasn’t told you yet since she wants you to remember for yourself. You know, to tell you that she’s not trying to pull you into her life. It’s probably not easy to reveal it so suddenly.”

      Jinwon nodded his head as he slightly agreed to her assumptions even though he still leaned on the thought that Stephanie probably gave up the baby in some way. So far, everything Eunji has said sounded quite reasonable and hard to dismiss. But then he wondered, how was she able to sympathize and understand Stephanie’s possible point of view more than his own point of view? He was too caught up in confessing his feelings since it was his first time in a long time talking about this situation to someone that he almost failed to notice how Eunji sounded as if she knew more than just the story he revealed. She could have just listened to his feelings, but she continuously added comments that contrasted his feelings. So he asked, “Do you know her?”

      “Oh, well, you know, I’m just looking at what could possibly make sense,” Eunji replied.

      Suddenly, Eunji’s phone vibrated and she took it out of her pocket. There was a text message from the said lady in Mr. Kim’s love story.

      “JooHyun is about to give birth OMGGGgg!!!!!!”

      “JooHyun Seonsaengnim is about to give birth!” she excitedly told Jinwon.

      “Oh?!” his eyes grew wide and he also took his phone out. “Did YongHwan tell you?”

      Before she could have a chance to decide whether to lie or not, Jinwon’s phone suddenly rang.

(Jinwon’s ringtone: Gee – Girls’ Generation [소녀시대])

“Uh huh… listen boy… my first love story…”

      Eunji burst into laughter hearing his ringtone, finding it weird that a grown man like him would have Girls’ Generation’s cheesiest single as his ringtone. “Shut up,” Jinwon sneered in embarrassment before answering Stephanie’s call.

      “Oh, hey,” Jinwon answered.

      “Where are you? I’ve been looking everywhere for you!”

      “I’m by the rest area in the coffee shop near the entrance.”

      “Oh… okay, I think I see you.”

      The moment Stephanie entered, she saw Eunji right in front of him and she froze. Too startled to see her daughter there with him, she gasped, “Eunji?”

      Hearing Stephanie’s voice enter the shop, Jinwon and Eunji’s face lit up and responded to her at the same time, “Fany-ah!” “Mom!”

      Jinwon was about to introduce Eunji to Stephanie, but hearing what came out of the fifteen-year-old’s mouth, he turned his eyes to Eunji in confusion. For a moment, his mind went blank, but like a slap in the face, it hit him,



CHAPTER 13: Warmth


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