Bloodline (조선): Chapter 2

Prologue: 숨겨진 비밀

Chapter 1: 시작하자

CHAPTER 2: Hanging (미친 사람)

        After a month since Crown Prince Yoochun’s death, there were still no solid evidences to be found. I thought that wouldn’t bother me but it has been frustrating me more than it should. I’ve been waiting too long for any news and I do not think it will come anytime soon. Is the Police Bureau poor in doing cases such as this? Wouldn’t they have at least found some kind of evidence by now?

        Despite the lacking evidence, what really bothered me the most was that Junsu, Yoochun’s brother, was helping solve this case. Prince Junsu’s specialties were weaponry and battle strategies as expected from a general-prince. So what exactly does he know about mysteries?

        Since I am just an ordinary Soron (political official), son-of-a-concubine prince, I have no access in the Police Department. Good thing I have Officer Young-woon’s son, Jonghyun, as my close friend. He was nice enough to allow me to come with him to the police bureau.

        As Jonghyun led me to the interrogation yard, he said, “Just to inform you in advance, we have found a few evidences in the crime scene and the King knows about it. Junsu-gun is just keeping it a secret from everyone in the palace since he wants to make sure his suspicions are true.”

        “That’s a relief. Have they caught anyone yet?” I asked.

        Before Jonghyun could answer, a man who was flailing about from two policemen’s grip was being dragged just a few feet away from us. “What are you going to do to me? I didn’t do anything wrong!” the man shouted constantly. The ragged clothed man suddenly got off from the police men’s grip and ran to me. He threw his hands heavily on my shoulders, startling me and Jonghyun.

        With the man clutching my purple hanbok, he pleaded, “Hey you, you’re a noble with a father in the high positions in the government, right? Please help me,” he begged. “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

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Bloodline (조선): Chapter 1

Prologue: 숨겨진 비밀

CHAPTER 1: Starting Point (시작하자)

      Chaos: it can happen anytime at any day, but there is one thing we can all agree on. Chaos starts when horrible news spreads like a disease meant to kill everyone living.

      For my family, it started on a lovely morning. I was having a normal day ginseng tea with my closest brother, Prince Wu. We were planning on what heart-warming gift we should give to our little sister, Princess TaeYeon, who was betrothed to a noble man just recently.

      I fancied giving her a purple butterfly hairpin I designed myself while Wu wanted to give her a canvas and ink pigments since she loved painting to pass time. We had a bunch of ideas up our sleeves—so much that we almost planned on preparing them all for her. After all, we had the money of the palace. Anything we want can and will be given to us…


      “A bummer that I won’t get to see her around the palace anymore, though,” I pouted. “I’ll really miss her.” When a princess gets married, usually they’d be forced to move in with their consorts, meaning, they’d eventually have to leave the palace. I quite despise this tradition since I’d have to part ways with my Taengoo in a way, but that’s just the way the palace is.

      “You can still visit her,” Wu said. “I mean you’re not a wangseja (crown prince) or anything. You’re just Kibum-gun.”

      “I know, I know,” I chuckled. “Besides, I shouldn’t worry, too. She’ll be in the hands of Jonghyun. A bit sleek and smooth with the ladies, but I know he won’t cheat on her. If he does, I’ll kill him.”

      Wu laughed, “Jonghyun is a close friend of yours, isn’t he?” He grinned and sipped from his tea cup.


      The doors slid open all of a sudden and in came my eunuch, Shindong. He looked quite nervous about something. Yeah, I could tell after seeing him every single day for most of my 24 years. “Daegam, Jonghyun-naeuri has a letter for you.”

      “Jonghyun?” An eyebrow shot up. Shindong handed me the letter that was hidden from beneath his green silk sleeves.

      “What’s it about?” Wu asked. I unfolded the letter.

As expected from my best buddy, Jonghyun, his handwriting was still the best among all those I’ve seen in Sungkyunkwan University…

      Wait, what’s this?


“Kibum-ah, there has been a major stir among the palace if you haven’t heard yet.
Yoochun-seja is dead.
 Please visit the Royal Investigation Bureau as soon as you can. My father and I would like to get your part of the story. If Wu is also there with you, please bring him along.”


       I blinked rapidly at the news as my eyes jolted from Wu to Shindong. “Seja Jeoha…?”

      “What is it?” Wu asked.

      “It says that Yoochun-hyungnim is dead,” I said, my breathing narrowing down.

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Bloodline (조선): Prologue

Prologue: Hidden Truths (숨겨진 비밀)

Chaos: nobody really knows when, where, and how it will come. For the people of Joseon, no one expected such horrible events to constantly happen. It was the kind of chaos that could possibly make a whole country crash down. Could the king possibly handle such a situation?

        Chaos starts in the peaceful era of my father’s reign, King Seojin. As a prince living in the palace, I know better than calling these times “peaceful.” In the palace, things aren’t always as they seem. People are not as peaceful and kindhearted as they play out to be. I know this better than anyone else. If only the people knew what I knew.

     People commits sin, then sins turn to gossips, gossips turn to half-truths, half-truths turn to lies, and lies destroy. This is the environment where I grew up in. This is my world. This is the palace.

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