Stories (mainly fanfics) I have on hold. They are concepts I’ve already started but haven’t exactly put pieces together. Go and take a look. See what interests you. 😀

 Connect With The Spine

A story of how two separated twins at a young age cross paths again after 16 years and not exactly under the best circumstances.

One craves revenge,

the other seeks acceptance

One is blinded by hatred,

the other clouded by pride

As two sisters from completely different backgrounds, who knows what trouble these two might encounter while trying to get along?     


Misconceptions of Nothing

TaeYeon once read a line from her friend SooYoung’s diary. It said that whether you were wise or foolish, you’ll die anyway, and that everything in the world is meaningless. So she chose to do anything that felt great since she’ll die just like everybody else anyway. She believed she was standing up for her beliefs yet for some reason, her spirit feels the constant need to let her down and tell her something is wrong in almost everything she does.

In the midst of all her troubles, SooYoung, her high school friend comes every now and then to listen to her problems. TaeYeon never really wanted to continue meeting with her, but fate kept bringing them back together.

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Skewed Intimacy


Parallels never meet, but if they do, they would ruin the worlds’ order. Parallels never meet, but if one kills the other, her and her parallels will cease to exist. Gothic SeoHyun didn’t know this rule. Now she’s out lose to kill in a world where she doesn’t belong in, unknowingly trying to kill herself in the process. Will the Love & Peace council be able to stop her in time?

Meanwhile, will JooHyun be able to confess her love to her ex-boyfriend Dal-Hyang before it’s too late?





Sulli, described by her twin brother as the happiest and most optimistic girl, suddenly committed suicide and left a vague note saying her goodbyes. Not convinced by the written letter, Kai and those who were close to her craved for a better explanation of her death. Something stirs within their souls that there was something more beyond this than just a suicide attempt. The question is, will they be able to discover the truth and handle it or will they go insane and kill themselves as well?



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