Connect With The Spine

a TaengSic, YunJae fanfic
genre: family, action, psychological, (mild) comedy

After years of working under Tri-Angle Investigations, Kim JaeJoong still hasn’t found the right evidences to seize the sinful Jung Dong Hwan, CEO of Jung Diamond Corp and put the old man to jail where he clearly belongs. However, being bound by law never got him anywhere.

Getting tired of all the trouble and grudges he held from the past, he retired his revenge agendas and move on to a better life alongside his sister.

  Image result for taeyeon gif 2013

However, JaeJoong’s sister TaeYeon, being the rebellious and impatient woman that she was, could not watch the Jungs live in luxury anymore. So she formed a plan to make them suffer. She targeted the luxurious and famous K-Pop idol SICA from the duo group Eclares, who was also known as Jessica Jung, the daughter of Jung Dong Hwan. Her plans went by smoothly in the beginning, but things got a little bit unpredictable when the Star Museum Entertainment company decided to put SICA on a residence where no one would find her while she heals–in TaeYeon and Jaejoong’s new apartment.


Kim TaeYeon | Jessica Jung
also known as “the rebellious twins”

Kim JaeJoong | Yunho Jung    

Author dedication:

To my friend, Jack. I wish you were my twin.

 PG 15
This story is for those who think they have enough common sense
and are matured enough to understand what is going on in the story.
There will be mild vulgar language.

I’ve always wanted to write a twin concept starring TaeYeon and Jessica. Now I’ve got it. 🙂

This story is loosely based on the song “Connect With The Spine” by Switchfoot.


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