a psychological fanfiction
genre: psychological, mystery, sci-fi

Sulli, described by her twin brother as the happiest and most optimistic girl, suddenly committed suicide and left a vague note saying her goodbyes. Not convinced by the written letter, Kai and those who were close to her craved for a better explanation of her death. Something stirs within their souls that there was something more beyond this than just a suicide attempt. The question is, will they be able to discover the truth and handle it or will they go insane and kill themselves as well?


수정(Krystal) · 종인 (Kai) ·  태민 · 진리 (Sulli) · 민호 · 태연 · Jessica (수연) · 서현 · 윤아 · 수호 · 수영

 PG 15
There will be graphic scenes and mild vulgar language .


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