Misconceptions of Nothing

a TaeYeon fanfiction ft. SooYoung–a SooTae fanfic
genre: angst, life, psychological, beliefs, Biblical (kind of)

TaeYeon once read a line from her friend SooYoung’s diary. It said that whether you were wise or foolish, you’ll die anyway, and that everything in the world is meaningless. So she chose to do anything that felt great since she’ll die just like everybody else anyway. She believed she was standing up for her beliefs yet for some reason, her spirit feels the constant need to let her down and tell her something is wrong in almost everything she does.

“I have the right to do anything”—but not everything is beneficial.
“I have the right to do anything”—but not everything is constructive.
– Paul (I Corinthians 10:23)

In the midst of all her troubles, SooYoung, her high school friend comes every now and then to listen to her problems. TaeYeon never really wanted to continue meeting with her, but fate kept bringing them back together.

“What’s wrong that you’ve come running to me now?”

“It’s… no, it’s nothing.”

“Nothing’ always means ‘everything’ with you.”

“Then I guess all this time, I had been crying about my misconceptions of nothing.”

Main Characters:

SooYoung | TaeYeon | Jessica

Author dedication:

This book is dedicated to anyone who’s confused about how the world revolves around us.

Ultimately though, I purposely wrote this for myself so I can walk through my darkest tunnels with the Light that constantly led me to the right path whenever the unpredictable corners come to view. And since it’s so dark, I cry out to the Operator of this Light that I would not misinterpret His signs and swerve the wrong way. Let me not fall into the Darkness’s misconceptions of nothing.

I made this fanfic to write down what I believe in and what I don’t about the world around me. There are numerous touchy and uncomfortable subjects I want to face head on with this one. Know that my purpose is not to offend anyone. I wouldn’t care whether or not one would believe in the things I have written down. If a reader was offended, it is not my fault that he/she has weak understanding/tolerance about the variety of beliefs living in each individual’s heads.



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