Skewed Intimacy

a YongSeo, YoonHyun fanfiction
genre: romance, fantasy, parallel worlds

Parallels never meet, but if they do, they would ruin the worlds’ order. Parallels never meet, but if one kills the other, her and her parallels will cease to exist. Scarlett didn’t know this rule. Now she’s out lose to kill in a world where she doesn’t belong in, unknowingly trying to kill herself in the process. Will the Love & Peace council be able to stop her in time?

Meanwhile, will JooHyun be able to confess her love to her ex-boyfriend Dal-Hyang before it’s too late?


Scarlett | JooHyun

Yakov | Dal-Hyang

The Dagger / Lovely Angel Yoona

Lee Jieun

Love & Peace Council / Lovely Angels
The Apple, The Swan, The Wolf, The Pearl
The Dragonfly, The Glass Slipper, The Comb, The Snowflake

Kim Hayeon, Stephanie Hwang

Lee Jonghyun

Lee Hyun-woo

Girls’ Generation 2015
Kwon Yuri, Kim HyoYeon, Sunny, SeoHyun,
Im Yoona, Tiffany, Kim TaeYeon, Choi SooYoung


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