These are the alternate versions of my fan fictions.

“내가 기억해… 우리”

After a series of accidents, Jinwon decided to settle down in a town where his friends say he once lived in before. Although he could not recall a time being there, he did not lean too much on it and tried to start fresh in managing his life’s new path. But when he took the job as substitute tutor for a fifteen-year old musician named Eunji, every little thing about her began triggering the long-lost memories of his teenage life. All of the things he buried deep within started resurfacing, and the only woman he truly loved freshly echoed through his teenage student’s features and disposition. With the help of Eunji, will he find the woman he loved and get closure from the tragedy of his forgotten relationship?

Chapter 1: First Love Nocturne

Image result for yoona snow

Mending Hearts
“제발 잊지 말아요”





  A series of events that will be mended into one string, one story, and one life.



 STORY 1: Sliced Heart
Chapter 1: Cuts

I have a lot of original character made up actually, but unfortunately, I haven’t written a single “book” of them.

I do have one original that I almost finished when I was eleven years old. Check it out:

The Last King of Rodeousvale



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