Mending Hearts

an alternate version of my fanfiction “제발 잊지 말아요”
genre: tragedy, friendship, family, slice of life, romance, fluff

A series of events that will be mended into one string, one story, and one life.

Let him forget what he’s supposed to remember.
Let her love even though it’s unbearable.
Let him care even if he doesn’t get treated the same.
Let her promise even though her words falter.

Let him question why he’s all alone.
Let her struggle to keep things like the way they were before.
Let her believe she was to blame,
But let them make friends with someone who’ll say it ain’t so.

 Let her bring people together.
Let him play his soothing tunes.
And let her blow away the dark clouds,
For there’s always a sunny day after the storm.

Main Characters:

Jessica, Stephanie, Jinwon, JooHyun, Yohan
Hyungsoo, Sunny, Yoon-hee, YongHwan, HaYeon

Table of Contents:

Sliced Heart (상처 마음): Cuts
Sliced Heart (상처 마음): Stitches
Sliced Heart (상처 마음): Severed

Sorry (미안해)

Solace: Sunset
Solace: Moon and Stars
Solace: Dawning of a New Day

Spicy Rice Cakes (떡볶이)

Sunshine: Let Go
Sunshine: Rest
Sunshine: Lost It
Sunshine: Afraid to Lose You
Sunshine: Take Care of Me
Sunshine: Closure


Snowy Wishes: Favor

Author note:

Mending Hearts is a prequel to my finished story A M N E S I A.

A M N E S I A’s plot mainly revolves around Stephanie, Jinwon, and their child, Eunji, and it starts around the August of 2013.

Mending Hearts gives us a closer look into the lives of not just Jinwon and Stephanie, but all of the adult characters involved in A M N E S I A and how their lives played out after the Jinwon’s tragedy in 1998.

PG 13
This story is for those who think they have enough common sense
and are matured enough to understand what is going on in the story.
This story is for those who can read and think on whatever I will write.