The Last King of Rodeousvale

a mystery story

It’s not meant to be comedy according to my 11 year old self, but it’s comedy now since I’ve grown up.

As you may or may not know, Bloodline (조선) is based on this story.

PLEASE REFRAIN from reading this story if you are planning on reading Bloodline. Even though Bloodline is slightly altered, the ideas and the concept of the story are still the same.

So PLEASE, if you don’t want to be spoiled in Bloodline, please do NOT read this story.

I will not alter the original contents of this 11 year old version. That means a lot of things will be illogical and a lot of things will have bad grammar. Please enjoy.

Let me take you to one of my weird imaginations for an eleven year old…

Ah, hello there, my name is Tolenstine D. Jigstourne. I want to read you a book or a Diary who lived in a city called Rodeousvale. You may be wondering where Rodeousvale is. I will be speaking after the chapters of the book. I hope this book will be interesting for you. Here, let me start.

Chapter 1: The First Strike

Chapter 2: Mystery At the Palace

Chapter 3: Dennero

Chapter 4: The Liar

Chapter 5: Mad Twins

Chapter 6: Flowervale Fields

Chapter 7: Prison

Chapter 8 (Unfinished forever)

Unfortunately, this version stays unfinished. Sorry for that hahahahaha.


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