Author Note

Family, romance, angst, and mystery are the stories I go for. In my stories, I battle through vehement emotions, try to heal scars, and put into words the reality before us.

Fate has a path laid out for us, but we don’t always see or chose what He has prepared. Life whispers to us the things we need to know everyday, but we don’t always listen. From our fears, we run away. We speed through the present without thought or with an ungrateful heart. We hold our chins higher and higher trying to build an image for ourselves. But I wish to give you a place of escape, to breath, to stop time and think. If you’re feeling tired, alone, bothered, or bored, come to my world and discover new things not just about fictional characters, but yourself, too.

Most of the stories I write are fan fictions of Girls’ Generation and other musicians in the K-Pop industry, but my stance is not merely to please the OTPs. I desire so much more than just sexual dealings, pursuit of happiness, and fulfillment of one’s desires. If those things are necessary for the story, I would write about it, but it won’t go overboard up to the point when you would hide yourself from your parents while reading it.

I do not write cliché stories like an out of place new nerdy girl who’s got the hottest guy in her high school falling for her or vice versa. It’s just a drag to read about those kinds of stories over and over again.

(But I did genderbend this one time… hahahahaha don’t worry, I made a separate version and changed their names so it wouldn’t feel so weird.)


TaeNy… so

In my stories, you may think, “Did the author go through these things? Does she know her characters’ pain?” The simple answer is yes, though I experience them milder than how I portray them. I guess you could say I exaggerate my imaginations and emotions in order to tell a story similar to how I’ve gone through something. But not all ideas come from “experience.” Sometimes a picture or a word that I learned in school would trigger an idea, but most of the time, just a song that randomly plays in my iPod would make me want to paint a picture. I also write about things I haven’t experienced hoping or expecting I would experience them someday.

Anwyay, since my dad complains about the character’s choices while he watches some Korean dramas or Lost or Once Upon A Time, I kind of grew thinking logically about the situations in my stories. Things like: what would be more interesting? Or what would make more sense in a real life? Will that character break down if her long lost love suddenly shows up? Will his sister forgive him after all the killings he had done? Is he supposed to be doing that despite his character? I tend to base my stories on how the world works and how I assume people would usually act in general while slipping in my own beliefs whether you like it or not.

So I stick to a lot of moral principles (such as getting married before sex, no divorce, no adultery ect. ect.). I stand by them firmly. So if I ever break them in my story, it means that’s a huge conflict to a character. Because if no one commits any sins, how boring would that story be? There is no one to heal. Someone has to mess up and someone has to have their life messed up in order that we learn something from it.

Oh, and by the way, I am obsessed with editing. I strive to make my stories’ writing style harmoniously mend together so that people would hear the words in their heads like music. I check my work constantly so pardon me if I take too long to update the next chapter. As tiring as it may seem to go back from chapter 1 again just to check a certain story, I do love having to look back and enjoying my work when it’s finally at its best state.

Here is my writing style in gifs if you’re not interested in paragraphs.

The plot can go from normal life

to this:

I kill (characters or your feelings).

I ruin people’s images through mess of emotions.

Kkt17 by YoMiatot

This is very likely to happen in the middle of the story

When you think it’s going well, SPOILER ALERT, it might not be.

And when you think one’s winning the battle, the other backfires.

Okay by YoMiatot Okay by YoMiatot

Obviously, I ship.

I like doing quiet but loving scenes like this:

And love scenes won’t ever go the way it’s like with Hollywood movies

I will also break barriers

and you won’t be able to contain the feels

Whether sister to sister, brother to brother, or friend to friend, even lover to lover,

Related image Image result for taengsic kiss gif

I’ll make you board the ship

Yulsic8 by YoMiatot

while the characters try to figure out what “loving” really means.

Yongseo3 by YoMiatot

There’s at least one or two characters that are musicians singing/playing at a restaurant called Xiah Dragon Noodles or at Xiah Dragons Bar.


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