Who am I?

Name: Mia

Gender: 소녀

Age: Year 1999

Height: Short enough

Nationality: The Tropical Islands of Eastern Asia

Grew up in: The Luxurious Desert

Blood Type: Does this even matter

Art is my passion and the world is full of it. Music is my life and it is how I speak. Writing is my therapy and also my favorite stress.

Obviously, I’m an introvert. But what kind of introvert am I? I like the thought of socializing, but not exactly the reality of it. I get energized when someone joins me in their affairs and calls me their friend, but I get let down easily when I am nobody to them the next day. It’s easier for my brain to deal with one person than many. I like one on one serious conversations with a private set of people or random shenanigans with close friends but despise common casual conversations among big groups. Too much socializing and parties are physically harmful to my health and I’m not just exaggerating this. Being with large (and energetic, noisy) crowds really tire me out, especially if I cannot relate or bring myself to join in. I’d rather be alone than feel out of place. I like being alone, but I don’t like feeling lonely. I like being independent, but I also like having someone to lean on. I like doing things by myself, but sometimes two is really better than one.

I’m in my room all day every day. The only reason for me to go out of my cave is to eat, go to church, or go to the beach.

I’m pretty much considered a netizen of this world—a citizen of the internet. People usually say a quiet person in reality is a talkative person in the internet, but really, that’s not true (putting writing stories aside). Sure, I go online almost 14 hours a day, but that doesn’t mean I spend my time putting up useless statuses or complaints that nobody would bother to read. Maybe I do that once in a while on twitter, but I already have a hidden wordpress diary where I could vent my thoughts out. I’m just really reserved person in general. That fact is true online and offline.

So suppose you are someone who wanted to know something about my current affairs. To be honest, you would find nothing but me liking a bunch of Girls’ Generation content and drawing pretty girls *cough* Taeyeon *cough* on instagram.

Here is me in gifs if you’re not interested in paragraphs

When I wake up around 8:30 am:

Expectation vs. Reality of how my day usually goes:

I have an older sister and we’re best friends:

We like a lot of music genres (from classical, to rock, to country, to r&b, to different kinds of EDM, ect. ect…)

I don’t have a specific favorite, really.


I draw fanarts and post them on instagram:

My Brain most of the time tbh:


At parties:

I have a very soft and chill heart but I can raise my voice if I have to and be quite stern

But I love short hair because that makes me cute so I don’t know how true ^that is:


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