Who Am I?

Name: Mia

Gender: 소녀

Age: Year 1999

Height: Short enough

Nationality: The Tropical Islands of Eastern Asia

Grew up in: The Luxurious Desert

Blood Type: Does this even matter

Art is my passion and the world is full of it. Music is my life and it is how I speak. Writing is my therapy and also my favorite stress.

The first thing that’s easy to grasp about me is I’m an introvert. If you want me to be technical, I am an INFP-A or a “Mediator” as 16personalities.com prefers to call it.

I like silent nights and stress-free schedules. I’m very-easy going and phlegmatic. However, I tend to be too complacent and too into my own world that it makes me miss out on many different things. When I do get into events, my mood and energy tend to rely on those close to me or those willing to stay with me. I cannot deal with more than three to five people all at once as it quickly drains my energy. I need a quiet place to get away to when overloaded with too much social interaction and noise.

I don’t get irritated or angry very easily. I don’t like fighting anyone and I can tolerate many things, but I have a firm stand in what I believe in. When I do get angry, I can be very strict and tough with my words.

I’m easy to vent out to and I am very understanding, or at least I try to be. I tend to analyze how people react to certain things and be very careful and calculative of my responses towards each individual. I do not want anyone to feel left out, unloved, or misunderstood when they chose to relay their thoughts with me.

Due to my melancholic side, I tend to tell myself lies about how people (especially the closest to me) see me when I lack the love I feel should be there. It depresses me easily when I’m easily forgotten, but I do try to remind myself often that I am more than what I seem to be.

As an introvert who is calculative of almost every move that I make, I am careful of how I show myself and my thoughts to the world. Although I am online probably 12 hours a day, I’m still quite reserved. I do not like showing my emotions carelessly. (Sometimes twitter is an exception) But if and when I do put myself out there, it’s either through, art, music, and writing, using images, compositions, examples, or metaphors to attract those who are willing to understand me and my intentions.

But okay, suppose you are someone who wanted to know something about my current affairs. To be honest, you would find me liking a bunch of Girls’ Generation content and drawing pretty girls *cough* Taeyeon *cough* on instagram. You would also find my appreciating my own friends in special and artistic ways for they mean the world to me. I also play a number of instruments so my musician side will surely be obvious at some point.

Here is me in gifs if you’re not interested in paragraphs

When I wake up around 7:30 AM:

Expectation vs. Reality of how my day usually goes:

I have an older sister and we’re best friends:

We like a lot of music genres (from classical, to rock, to country, to r&b, to different kinds of EDM, ect. ect…)

I don’t have a specific favorite, really.


but I love my friends a lot and losing them…

I draw fanarts and post them on instagram:

My Brain most of the time tbh:


At parties:

I have a very soft and chill heart but I can raise my voice if I have to and be quite scary

But I love short hair because that makes me cute so I don’t know how true ^that is:


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